Parasite Prevention and Control

One of the biggest threats to your pets’ health is exposure to parasites. Although there was a time when fleas, ticks and worms were just considered a nuisance, we are just now learning through extensive research about some of the damaging diseases parasites can transmit to both humans and their pets. Ticks can harbor bacteria that cause Lyme disease and fleas can transmit tapeworms and Bartonella in cats that is the leading cause of “cat-scratch” disease in humans. Another microscopic organism transmitted from mosquito bites can form worms that grow in your pets lungs and heart. Most of the parasites affecting pets are microscopic and detectable before they cause symptoms. It is absolutely crucial to test your pet regularly and do what you can to protect your children and your pets from parasites. Our educated staff can recommend a comprehensive program of testing and preventative measures that you can easily use at home.

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