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  • Simply an amazing place that make your pet and customer feel welcomed. They don't try to scam you like Banfield, they really are professional in every aspect of their operation. They are are honest with diagnosis, pricing and before they make a buck or two, they look for alternatives for the well-being of your pet. I almost made the mistake to remove my dog's eye twice at Banfield. The first one was because Banfield was trying to scam by adding a charge for a procedure that was needed so I didn't appreciate the deceitfulness. One year later something else happened and completely unreleased to the initial injury which cause to discover that Banfield falsified records, neglected treatment for my dog and after an escalation the Dr there again recommended eye surgery. Separated from Banfield and now my doggie still has both eyes, and the Dr at Gateway is giving the respect that my dog deserves. Thank you Gateway you are amazing
    E E.
  • Buddy is about to be 9 years old in April and over those nine years he has seen his share of vets. Our first visit to Gateway was one of the best experience I have ever had at the Vets.I felt very welcomed there and made me and buddy feel very comfortable. So long story short Buddy really needed his teeth cleaned (Breath you could smell a mile away) and needed to be neutered as well. We have gotten quotes from multiple places and it was just outrageous in price plus they didn't make me feel comfortably to leave my dog there and have them work on him. It felt like they were more about the money than anything. But Gateway was just amazing! That same first visit I had both my dogs , which both got a free first time exam, and the Vet was super patient and explained every little thing that she was doing. They quoted me for every thing that I needed to do for Buddy. Price was reasonable and I loved our experience so much that I made the appointment for him for two days later. Day of his cleaning and neutering Vet kept me updated on what was going on with him. She called to go over what teeth he had that were an issues and to make sure I was comfortable with having them be removed and made sure to let me know what my total would be if we went that route. Was never pressured into doing anything I didn't want to do and of course my baby needed it so I allowed her to do what was needed. Pick up they were very detailed on everything that was done and had pictures to show us. Vet even called a few days later to follow up on how he was doing. I don't even have my own doctors doing that. Our follow up appointment went great with them as well minus Buddy was not happy about going but who can blame him. The last time he was there he left with less than he came with if you know what I mean lol. I don't ever Yelp but this place and experience was worth one.
    Amie A.
  • 4.6 Google Rating